Does any of this sound familiar:Not sure where to start, overwhelmed.

  • Not knowing what step to take next in a project?  
  • Feeling frustrated because you don’t have clarity?
  • Feeling unclear about making big decisions?
  • Are you completing all your tasks at work, but the home list keeps getting longer and longer? 
  • Or maybe your work to-do list is starting to cause you analysis Long to-do list, www.accountabilitystrategist.comparalysis because you have so much to do you just don’t know where to start?
  • You continuously put off things you know you must do…
  • It’s Sunday night and you just realized you didn’t get anything productive done this weekend…again

What you need is someone to help cut through all that mind chatter, to get from idea to creation.

If you are looking for 1-on-1 support, are fed up, feeling overwhelmed by too many ideas, thoughts, to-do’s, options and possibilities, you have landed in the right place.

I tend to work best with high-performing individuals who have great ideas, but need someone to help funnel those ideas into action.  My ideal client is someone who wants results and is ready, willing, and able to work for them.

I help you cut through the chatter, get focused, and take action.  You go from thinking, dreaming and wishing, to doing, being and completing.

My name is Natalie and I am a Certified Transformation Life Coach.  I coach people in their personal and professional lives, working privately and with organizations.

I coach by telephone, Skype, or, so we can work wherever you live, work or travel.

When you align a confident, resilient mindset with consistent actions, you can become focused, happy and energized. 

Katherine Bright,
I have worked with Natalie Olson for twelve months.  She has always been very knowledgeable and has assisted my vision for forward movement in a friendly and helpful way.
Natalie has awesome knowledge of interconnected pathways on the technical level and is really a useful encyclopaedia of the internet 🙂
I recommend Natalie's services as she listens to you and works with you to create your platform. She has gone out of her way to source material and assist me in many ways to get my products out there.  
Love and light to you Natalie on continued great work!
Katherine Bright

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